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Looking for Independent Office Building Near Tidel Park?


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Modern A-Grade 45,000sft Independent Building for Rent








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Commercial Building for Immediate Rental:

Available Space:

Silt Floor for Carparking 14,000 Sq.Ft - Can Park More than 70 Cars.

First Floor 14,300 Sq.Ft, Second Floor - 14,300Sq.Ft, Third Floor - 14,300Sq.Ft

Total Usable Area 45,000Sq.Ft (with Power Back up) 

CMDA Approved

Landmark and Approach:

Near Tidel Park, SRP Tools, On OMR Road.
Next to Bus Stop.

Other Details:
Car Parking,
Power Backup,
Suitable for Corporate Offices / Storage and Office / Automation Store Keeping /
Banks or Corporate / IT Office etc.

Rental:  Very Attractive rent can be fixed for reputed clients!

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